Concerts in Ohio

Had wonderful successful concerts in Kenyan College and Ohio Weslyan, Ohio. Such a great moment. This concert’s program, I remember several years ago, I thought it should be long path to figure out and takes time to make actual music based on my concept, now I think I made it.


And then..

It’s been a month since I came back from Japan. I think I’ve been working on many. So? And? now I’m sick…Will recover before I leave for Ohio next week, need sleep, writing this on my bed.



This is the third visit to Houston in this year! This time is for Bella Gaia performance in 100 year Starship conference. It is fun to see familiar Houston view. Last time I was here was the premier for Houston Grand Opera.

今年、3度目のヒューストン滞在です。今回はBella Gaia、前回はヒューストングランドオペラのプレミアでした。なんだか懐かしい街の風景、お店が嬉しいです。

NY Fashion Week

I performed in Carter Smith show at NY Fashion Week. It was very first time to work on fashion show and a great experience. They also gave me hair & make-up. Woww I’ve never seen this kind of myself!!

Working at home mode

It’s been a few weeks since I came back from Japan, have done a couple performances here in NYC. Since then I’ve almost staying at home everyday and working/making music. Rushing. Tomorrow should be fun day, I will perform for runway at Carter Smith Collection at NY fashion week.


Ninohe-city Fair

And I also joined and performed in Ninohe-city, Iwate Fair at Ambassador’s residence in NYC. Again so many people came. It’s always great to try to make it together.

Thank you Tomodachi Reception from Iwate

I joined and performed in Thank you Tomodachi, Tsunami Disaster reconstruction Report and reception from Iwate at Japan Society, NYC. Amazingly so many people came and it was successful. It’s nice to seeing people-Govonor- from Iwate, my hometown here in NYC.


Kurosawa Koto Ensemble 45th anniversary Concert

Successfully this concert has done! Thank you for all, audience and a guest Shakuhachi player Dozan Fujiwara. Also congratulations to my parents. Continue for 45 years is not easy. Appreciate their efforts and success.


Recording session

Had a recording session the other day. Non stop 7 music recording. Although it was a little tight time schedule it was fun. I’ve played with western harp before I thought it’s kind of tough combination, no no it depends on how to write. Love music.


Screening in Bryant Park

This is first time to join film screening in Bryant Park. It was nice out, just relaxing moment.