I like Grand Central station somehow this is the most place I come by. And sometimes I just go there walking around and listening to my songs with ear-plug I guess Grand Central is a good place to re-think or clear my head.
P.S. Center photo was taken last Sun around Highline Ballroom where I performed with Bella Gaia. On the right, at my friend’s place with their dog Aster. Can’t believe I’d never played or touched dogs when I was in Japan because I was scared, improved!
P.S. 真ん中の写真は、先日Highline BallroomでBella Gaiaのショーのとき、リハと本番の合間に。右は、友人宅で彼らの愛犬アスターと。信じられない。。日本にいた頃は怖くて触ることもできなかったのに。成長しました。