Concert Concept

This history of mine made me to create this concert.
People often ask me why I moved to NYC. I grew up in Japanese tradition since my parents are also Koto players and family business from generation to generation (Japanese traditional musical instrument shop). I was struggling what type of musician I want to be as a Koto player especially when I was in Japan, also thinking how can I discover one more element “in between tradition and contemporary music”, because I’d been playing both of them in Japan. (Just in case I respect both of them and continue to play) When I was little, I still remember that Minoru Miki who is a music composer and invented 20-string-Koto said that tradition should be mixed with others. We have to protect tradition and I believe that we shouldn’t stop discover things. Although took/taking?me time to open up myself, it seems music composition is becoming one of my element. Tradition used to be contemporary, I want to pray/respect ancestors and continue to moving forward. And NYC taught me how “being myself”.