Finally NYC

Finally had my concert in NYC at Rubin Museum. All great! Just thank you to all people around me for their support, and also thank you for Rubin Museum.


Tomato Sauce Spaghetti

I think I figured out one more spice(how to put it into is the topic) for Tomato Sauce Spaghetti. It took me time to realize!


Concert Concept

This history of mine made me to create this concert.
People often ask me why I moved to NYC. I grew up in Japanese tradition since my parents are also Koto players and family business from generation to generation (Japanese traditional musical instrument shop). I was struggling what type of musician I want to be as a Koto player especially when I was in Japan, also thinking how can I discover one more element “in between tradition and contemporary music”, because I’d been playing both of them in Japan. (Just in case I respect both of them and continue to play) When I was little, I still remember that Minoru Miki who is a music composer and invented 20-string-Koto said that tradition should be mixed with others. We have to protect tradition and I believe that we shouldn’t stop discover things. Although took/taking?me time to open up myself, it seems music composition is becoming one of my element. Tradition used to be contemporary, I want to pray/respect ancestors and continue to moving forward. And NYC taught me how “being myself”.


Photo shooting

Finally I did photo shooting that I needed so long since I changed hairstyle totally. Hopefully I can get good ones. Thanks for the photographer Claudia Christen. It was fun too! This photo was while we were taking a little break.

やっと、写真撮影をしました!半年前にがらっとヘアスタイルを変えてから、撮らなくてはと思いつつ、なかなかチャンスがなかったのですが。良い写真が撮れていればいいのですが。フォトグラファーのClaudia Christenに感謝です。この写真は、ちょっと休憩中の模様。

Concerts in Ohio

Had wonderful successful concerts in Kenyan College and Ohio Weslyan, Ohio. Such a great moment. This concert’s program, I remember several years ago, I thought it should be long path to figure out and takes time to make actual music based on my concept, now I think I made it.