Recording session

Had a recording session the other day. Non stop 7 music recording. Although it was a little tight time schedule it was fun. I’ve played with western harp before I thought it’s kind of tough combination, no no it depends on how to write. Love music.


Screening in Bryant Park

This is first time to join film screening in Bryant Park. It was nice out, just relaxing moment.


Voxare string quartet

It’s been a year to play with Voxare string quartet. We premiered Chad Cannon piece call Quintet. It was so nice to play with them again. Oh I love strings!

1年ぶりで、Voxareストリングカルテットと共演しました。今回は、Chad Cannonの曲、クインテット、を初演。また共演できて、良かったです。んー、やっぱりストリングス好きだなあ。

This is weekend

It’s been a while ? I had a day off weekend. Went to foot massage, chatting at cafe, stop by BBQ party and ended up some drinks. It’s like real weekend. And it was a nice clear out day after so much raining.


Theater days has done

4 weeks(including rehearsals) theater days has done. Great times great colleagues.