Theater roll 2nd week has done

Deadly she wolf assassin at armageddon’s 2nd week has done and it has been receiving very good reviews feedback. Continue to 3rd week and it will be the last week! Before this production starts I thought I will be feeling very long term production but apparently it’s been so quick we only 1 week left..will miss you all of you. The photo was taken in a subway when we were on the way home from the theater.


Deadly She Wolf Assassin at Armageddon

It’s been a couple weeks since we started rehearsal with all musicians and casts and we’ve done the first week of show for the theater Deadly she wolf assassin at armageddon concept and music by Fred Ho. We premiered in 2005 in NYC, this time we perform at Lamama Theater, NYC for three weeks. This work reminds me many memories. Great to performing with members and new members. Great work. Photo is the music band and Fred Ho.

シアターDeadly she wolf assassin at armageddonの全体リハーサル、そしてショーの第一週目が終わりました。この作品は2005年にNYで初演しましたものです。今回はNYのラママシアターで3週間の上演です。リハーサル以来、いろいろな思い出が駆け巡ります。元のメンバー、新しいメンバーとの再会、共演ができて嬉しいのと、素晴らしい作品に仕上がっています。写真はバンドメンバーと、この作品のコンセプトと作曲をしたフレッドです。

Rehearsals for the Theater production

We’ve been rehearsing Deadly She Wolf, theater production. I believe this production premiered 7, 8 years ago in NYC. Great to see those casts, musicians again and welcomed new casts. Since we started rehearsals for this show I’ve been thinking many memories. Time goes by so fast I experienced many in past 7, 8 years.

只今、舞台Deadly She Wolfのリハーサルが連日行われています。確か、初演はNYで7、8年前でした。今回の再演で、懐かしいキャスト、ミュージシャンたちに再会、そして新しいメンバーも加わっています。このプロダクションのリハーサルが始まって以来、とてもいろいろな思い出が頭を過ります。時が経つのは早いものですが、過去7、8年にもいろいろなことがあったな。そんなことを思いながら、少し歩きました。NYはまだ寒かったりします。


Visited & performed in International Day at WCLA, NYC yesterday. All children are wonderful! I loved their singing, poem etc. Purity is one of the most beautiful element. It had been kind of long time to visit any school, I had a great time.