Practice, Packing etc…

Tomorrow Bella Gaia show in NYC then take 5 in the morning flight to Houston next morning. Doing Laundry, packing, cleaning up my room and practice. For some reason I remembered suddenly when I saw Mt. Fuji this month. I was sleeping on Bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo suddenly woke up and The Fuji was just in front of me, awesome! So couldn’t have a chance to take photo of it I upload a photo from yesterday NYC.


Japan Tour and

It’s been a while to update this blog. Came back in NYC yesterday and had a performance at Grand Central today. I had a wonderful wonderful time in Japan and successful tour. After tour I donated $3000 to Morioka city to support people who moved from ocean side cause Tsunami and have been in difficult situation. Thank you for all who came to my shows and supported me. I will upload more photos soon!