Yale University and

Just done a concert at the Yale University last night with Ben Verdery on Guitar. It was fun to be there and beautiful concert hall. Now I’m packing again for Texas tour, hoping I can sleep a little tonight. I will head to Japan right after come back from Texas. Make a wish!



Done Bella Gaia show in Ohio last week. The most thing was that we’d been stuck at the LGA & Philly airport about 15 hours total due to weather condition. Chatting, singing, eating, drinking all day at the airport is now good memory.


Snow storm & costume hunting

Snow snow snow. I went to costume hunting in the snow, couldn’t decide, now I kind of change my mind what I want. Snow snow snow.


11 years

January 31st, 2002 I moved to NY, 11 years anniversary today. I remember that I was a little? scared to unknown future when I was on airplane from Japan. Time goes by so so so fast. Lots of memories lots of events, looking at past 11 years, was I improved? It wasn’t easy but Yes I think so.