Chicago & DC, then NYC

Bella Gaia in Chicago, went to DC afterwards to play Koto Concerto Genji went very well and glad I made it. This time my concerning was that I needed 2 different Kinds of Koto within 2 days and 2 different cities. Thanks for everyone who helped me you guys saved my life:) It was very busy and tough but I feel good. Also right after playing Genji I left DC to get back to NYC. It’s time to change strings the specialist arrived.


From cold NY to colder Chicago to warmer DC

Packing for a short tour/busy 3.5 days. It’s been very cold here NY and leaving for colder Chicago for Bella Gaia tomorrow morning, then going to DC for Koto Concerto Genji afterwards. Just checking those cities weather on my iPhone-I get all cities forecast that I go. Praying for everything should be get done well. Now I’m very short hair maybe I can take one of those wigs:)


Horrible matter, too sad

This news just hurt my heart. Too many horrible issues have been occurred too many!
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First one

Finished first performance this year, it was Bella Gaia. Started fine and fun, at BB King, NYC

Happy New Year

Hope all had a great happy new year. The first playing in 2013 will be Bella Gaia tomorrow at BB King, NYC. Small meeting for this show at my place within a couple of hours. Practice Practice:D

明けまして、おめでとうございます。本年もどうぞ宜しくお願いします。今年最初のパフォーマンスは、明日、Bella Gaia at BB King, NYCです。これから、ちょっとしたミーティングです。練習、練習