I’ve seen many updates from NYC, flooding, collapse…my apartment is close to East river hope everything is fine……

Hurricane Sandy and landed in Hong Kong

Hurricane Sandy has been serious news in NY, NJ, CT area. I’m hearing friends in NY updates. I hope everyone everything should be safe and fine with Sandy. I landed in Hong Kong last night – HK Time it was like escaping from Sandy. First time being HK.


and start packing

I’m leaving for Hong Kong day after tomorrow, start packing little, after 2 rehearsals today. I’d been feeling that many music overwhelmed me for some shows:)) hahaha but now I see everything should be fine. And it’s time to clean up my room:D


Music Score man

I have been preparing for many music lately and finally I had a dream last night that many music score were running around me to catch me up. hahahahahahaha….there is no short cut yes, just keep on going, cheer me up!


Recovered from cold? & changed hair style

Right after came back from Indiana I got sick, well since I got back in NY from Japan I hadn’t slept much so I kind of knew I was going to get sick. Anyways I recovered and went to hair cut today. It was almost reached my hip, now became short hair! Always good to be refreshed. hmm it looks like I’m wearing wig. I guess it’s been 8, 9 years to get short style so still getting used to it.


Yumi Kurosawa concert at Earlham College, IN

I’m in Indiana now. Had a workshop and concert, received standing ovation! Thank you very much for Earlham College it was such a wonderful time. Now I will start packing and leaving for NY.