Vanilla Corn

Awesome Vanilla corn:)

Radio shooting

Did radio shooting yesterday in Kyoto. It was fun (almost laughing all the time) and we wore “Yukata” provided by Toyowado-Kimono company. It’s been long time to wear Yukata, great! – with Ayukawa-san, Yamada-san.

Great friends

Visited Mamiko-san’s place, and had a wonderful dinner. She created my website they are my lovely great friends:)


Heatstroke and Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday spent time with my friends and with my family. 2 days before my BD I got heatstroke (actually I didn’t know that was it), had some types of symptoms till almost the end of birthday….but I had a great time.


Everyday new days

I’ve met some? many? new people this Japan staying. Everyone has each directions, thoughts, situations etc etc. Inspire me to think about myself.
My friend gave me Ryoma Sakamoto goods for me from Kochi !! yay:) hahahaha



I saw fireworks in Morioka-city my hometown, it’s been long time to see this! Summer, and “Obon” feeling, nice to join this! And Pino ice cream!


MYSTERIO Summer Camp

Joined first time (finally !!) MYSTERIO summer camp, did concert and lecture. Many activities and it was such a treasure time! I’d love to see all campers again sometime near future!!