by Yozan Uesugi

Do and it will be done, don’t do and it will not be done, if something is not done, that is because no one did it.

CMF photos

Uploading some of CMF photos! by Matt Harrington

Play time with my niece and nephew

Always fun and happy to see their creativity:)


MIT Super News

My five minutes long documentary was on the air last night in MIT Super News, Iwate local TV station. Thank you very much for Kudo-san and MIT!!

Concerts in Tokyo & Morioka

Two concerts in Tokyo and Morioka are done. It was such a great time. I am so glad that I premiered Gilda Lyons and Daron Hagen’s new works. And thank you for Dozan Fujiwara this time too!


Sleep time

It’s 12:36am now getting ready?? for tomorrow concert and becoming tough to sleep from now on cause jet lag. I found one item in my luggage that my friend gave me, it calls “Megurizumu” ; hot eye mask :D


It says KaMelon-pan!
(Kame=Turtle, Melon=Melon, Pan=bun)
And PandaPanda! (Panda=Panda, Pan=bun)


Theme of Thomas Tallis

I listened to this piece first time was at one concert with my parents when I was teenage. One of my favorite piece and remember I was impressed a lot. Hope I could hear this at concert again someday.
Go to listen


Arrived in Tokyo last night. I didn’t expect it’s this much not hot weather compare with NY almost chilly.

Walking by the river

Walked some by Hudson River, it’s been hot hot days NYC but it was cool wind and awesome, relaxed. Love to walk by water. I’m leaving for Japan tomorrow, hope I don’t forget anything that I should bring.