Flower trees in my neighborhood

I’ve never seen this flower!



Because Koto is limited scale(strings), tuning has to be changed for each songs, and it depends on music and composers, and I have to move bridges to make its tuning. Sometimes like past couple weeks when I was getting many new pieces I have to be careful. Start playing in different tuning happened a few times past weeks when the rehearsal and practice. I think I need clear my head:)



Chelsea Music Festival finished finale concert last night, I also played some music with Adam Birnbaum Trio and others. It was so much fun to play with them. I participated in 3 concerts and family events in this festival. I had a great time with all of them.


One string got broken

We had a rehearsal for 22nd concert today, 30 minutes later one string got broken and I know why that happened…Re-string Koto is not for women and needs special technique, although I have to replace by myself when it’s happened. So I took Koto back to my apartment and I did. Praying for this string until its stretching stop. Ganbare Koto-san! Photo:Official Vehicle of Chelsea Music Festival by BMW


Chelsea Music Festival

It’s been 5 days since the festival started. I finished 1st one it was 3 solo pieces performance and received nice respond:) 3 more concerts, event. Hope everything works well!


Composer visited

One of the composer for Chelsea Music Festival, Doug Balliett came by with a singer. This festival starts on the 15th (to 23rd) I will perform three events. Looking forward. It’s nice out today!

今日は、15日から始まるチェルシーミュージックフェスティバルの作曲の一人、Doug Balliettがシンガーさんと一緒に家に来てミーティング。このフェスティバルで、私は3つのイベントに参加します。まるで梅雨のように雨続きでしたが、今日は良い天気です。

Happy Doll Office

I stopped by Happydoll office the other day, it’s always nice to see them. And it looked like they’ve got more dolls and more stuff more more…that’s awesome. I will be join their summer camp in Nagano, Japan in July this year to lecture and performance, can’t wait.