Rehearsal for Genji

Had a rehearsal with Voxare quartet this is first time to get together with them. They are amazing!!!! It’s going to be good:D (now I need to take care of right shoulder and elbow. tough..)
OK, tomorrow I will leave to NJ. Now little bit re-packing and making music for OO.
Voxare カルテットと、初めて今日リハーサルをして来ました。素晴らしいカルテット!これはいい感じです。(張り切ちゃって、今、右肩と右肘がちょっときつい。大事に至らないようにしっかりとケアしないと)

Y’s Food

Y-san made us such a wonderful wonderful dinner the other day! Super chef artist.
This week starts rehearsing Koto Concerto piece with Voxare and have one touring to NJ, I think I should take massage today.


Koto Workshop in St. Ann’s School, Brooklyn (Apr 23rd)

Then just came back from Koto workshop in St. Ann’s School. After this, students sung Koinobori for me! Also I joined them having Japanese rice cake and making Origami. I also appreciate their Japanese teacher she is wonderful. Hoping they continue to study Japanese.


Bella Gaia in Houston, TX (Apr 21st)

Just came back from Houston, TX last night. The first day (one day before the show) was hit storm we worried about next day forecast but cleared up! The Miller Theatre which is a huge outside theatre was packed with people. Awesome.


Stonybrook University, NY (Apr 14th)

It’s been a while to update blog. I visited Stonybrook University last weekend to perform. I guess this was third time to be there the first time was 6, 7 years ago. It’s always good to re-visit to places and meeting people again. Reminds me some good thoughts of years ago.



When I visited DC recently, it was just perfect timing and weather wind everything.


“Let’s go to London”

Last May I played Koto concerto Genji written by Daron Hagen with Orchestra of the Swan, UK (Conductor David Curtis). Their recent video “Let’s go to London” produced by Goodmedia for Chiltern Railways & Orchestra of the Swan was released and it is awesome and fun. Check this out.

“Let’s go to London”

 昨年5月に、箏コンチェルト源氏ーDaron Hagen作曲を、イギリスのOrchestra of the Swan(David Curtis指揮)と世界初演をしました。彼らが出演しているビデオ、”Let’s go to London”がリリースされましたので、上のリンクをクリックしてみてください。楽しいです。


I’ve been concerning neck, shoulder and lower back pain for lo~ng time. These are especially from Koto playing. Finally I started Yoga and I and my body realize what is Yoga. As long as I continue to play Koto I have to deal with them. Yoga is great.


Sitting by myself for a while, everything was perfect. Do you recognize where?



Sushi day

I haven’t had Sushi a little while? It was awesome:D Oishi~