west Virginia

Got back home an hour ago. It was totally packed tour but I had a great time with WV people. Now I just need rest. Have a great night!

West Virginia

Heading to Huntington, WV this morning. One recital & 5 workshops are on the way.


Last week my friend music composer Toshiya Watanabe visited NY for his world premier in concert “Music from Japan”. I played his Koto solo piece last summer in Tokyo and it was a great challenge and moment. I met him since then it was a great to seeing him again in NY! Also found out we are almost same age. The music piece just premiered was touched too. His works are deep.

Doesn't look like so but it's been warmer winter.

先週、作曲家の渡辺俊哉さんがNYへ。去年夏、邦楽展で渡辺さんの箏ソロ作品を初演させて頂いて以来で、しかもNYで再会。嬉しかったな〜。Music from Japanのコンサートで初演のためNYへいらっしゃいました。実は私たち学年は違えど年齢が半年違いということもわかり、話も盛り上がって、次回は東京でラーメン!ところで、今回初演された作品、かっこ良かったというと安易に聞こえますが、なんだか深いところにくるんですね。尊敬するお兄さんです。

South Carolina

Tech-rehearsing Bella Gaia in Clemson University, South Carolina.
サウスキャロライナのクレムソン大学というところで、Bella Gaiaのテクリハーサル中の風景です。