The end of year

I’d been staying at home as much as I could for working past few months except playing in concerts. Now it’s a holiday season stopping by parties to see friends past couple days was nice. Back to work(><)(^^) Happy holidays and New Year! 過去数ヶ月、コンサート以外はなるべく自宅で作業をしていました。先週後半からNYはホリデイシーズン突入です。久々にいくつかパーティに立ち寄って、友人たちに会えたのは嬉しいことでした。早い。。。もう年末。そして私はまた普通に戻りつつあります。良いお年をお迎えください。

Yes I knew it.

And now I’m sick I knew it. Having late dinner now came back from tonight concert with scallion, ginger etc that’s Japanese way and it’s really good for you.

Made it!

I did new challenge in tonight concert. I wasn’t sure if I can do that and people reaction. Actually people liked it! (me too:) I will continue to build them up and show you powered up ones later. Hooooo I was so nervous:D I should sleep for tomorrow concert.

Thank you and praying for Minoru Miki

I just heard that Miki-sensei passed away. He is one of the great music composer in Japan and invented 20-strings-Koto. I still can’t believe. Thank you for all his hard work.

Basic things

I decided not to do anything tonight(music stuff), I’m doing laundry, cleaning up rooms now and it’s for refreshment to empty in my head. This is a good time. By the way, Christmas season has come and this year past too fast can’t believe it is an almost the end of year. By the way 2, my father loves camera. He belongs to camera club in Morioka-city my hometown. I assume that I’m under the influence of him to take photos often even though I don’t have a great camera I like to do that.