Second time this year

I came in Minneapolis from Kansas city today, and my Koto has been missing. Well, I’m updated 2 hours ago and said Koto arrived in Minneapolis airport they will deliver it by 9pm. This is second time missing Koto this year. What I can do is only praying everything should be fine. (Last time Koto arrived next day and 1 hour before the show starts.)


I’m at the airport in Kansas city, going to Minneapolis. Zzz…

Invention mania

Singer, Kristine when she is on the airplane she always checks invented kits pages in the magazine since she was little and apparently she has notebooks for this list. Kristine, you are fantastic and very funny.

Researching quick relief muscle pain

It is says that ; 1, taking 42 Celsius hot bath for 20 min.
2, then stretching for blood circulation. 3, then have good sleep ideally 7, 8 hours. It happens to me kind of often, once it happened on my arms its going to be tough to play Koto. (it is different muscle, it’s built up from playing not from gym machine stuff so it’s easy to mess up when I carry around heavy things)

Packing now

I’m packing for touring, going to Kansas City and Minneapolis. I will bring a new things this time so…:)))))))) I had a Nabeyaki-Udon after rehearsal tonight. I’m kind of sure I won’t be able to have those food anymore this week. I saw this type of fan last night.