Talking to myself number?

When you are busy to get done, following tasks, sometimes forgetting appreciation. I was thinking this today and appreciate to wonderful people around me. I received one phone call today it was so nice to talking and appreciate. To be honest, it has been tough time to try to all get done but just appreciate everything and continue to try to get done. Since yesterday came back cold weather in NY.


Almost there?



I like this photo but I guess people especially colleagues say no,,

And also..

Also we went to a bar in Manhattan afterwards, I liked their interior design. This is a part of wall and it’s made of books!

Middle Eastern Cuisine

Went to a Middle Eastern Cuisine place in Brooklyn with my lovely friends. It was awesome! I want to go again.

Dreaming paradise?

I shouldn’t say this maybe. Sometimes I don’t feel I’ll practice or making music it’s a type of process until sit in front of instruments. Finally did some and ironically feel released even refreshed :D I guess I’ve been doing this process almost whole my life. And I guess almost everybody feels same way, no? This photo was taken when I went to Cancun for a performance early this year, dreaming paradise at my room and doing work now:)

Winter time

Even though it is warmer in NY these days obviously it is winter.


Koto arrived at the hotel and it seems fine. I’ve heard that many musicians has been getting hard time with airlines recently.