Renew to renewal

Watching Japanese TV it’s been a while. Japanese singer Aki Angela is singing her songs it made me a little emotional in a calm way. OK I’ve been trying to renew things including myself?? Will do:)

Good morning!

Before 6am in Times Square. Walking & listening to my music that I’ve been creating recently hmm I like it:) Can’t wait!
朝6時前のタイムズスクエアです。歩きながら、最近制作中の新作を聴きつつ。結構気に入ってるかも:) 楽しみだなあ、どうなるか。

Miracle move

Moved to a new place and was a miracle. Packing all thing within a day and moved. At the same time one of the great friend family have been on a trip, taking care of their lovely cat Hana-chan so now I have three places:) former apartment, current apartment and this family’s apartment. I need massage to cure my whole body pain…

Washington post

Nice concert review in the Washington post!

Concert in DC

Done the concert in DC last night, played Koto Concerto Genji, Midare and my piece GreenPt, and received standing ovation. Thank you very much for audience and Freer Gallery, The Smithsonian’s Museum.
昨夜、DCでのコンサート終えて来ました。箏コンチェルト源氏、みだれ、そして自作曲のGreenPtを演奏させて頂きました。スタンディングオーベイション、嬉しかったです。DCのお客様、そしてスミソニアンのFreer Galleryにありがとう、です。

Yumi is…

changing? to performer mode.


I rehearsed Koto Concerto Genji piece(written by Daron Hagen) yesterday with Lark Quartet. We’ve been tighten up and it sounds good. I will play this piece since past May in England with Orchestra of the Swan. I’ve been focus on writing music recently, today’s rehearsal was very inspiring and felt like I finally breath.

Step by step, surely (deal with composing rhythm)