I really like gerbera flowers. So I checked this flowers meaning and says hope, always (trying to) moving forward, endurance, mystery etc. I like that.


Still trying to organize all thing at a new apartment. I found many photos old days…
Seeing old photos is fun and a little emotional? This photo was taken I think 7,8 years ago when I was in Greenpoint. Time goes by…By the way, I saw Orion stars from backyard tonight. Winer.

Snowing in Oct!

Wowwww!! Snowing now, in Oct? so I took a photo.

The Phoenix Concert

I went to see a concert last night it was amazing!! I loved it. Gilda, I really liked your songs and performing:) What I was amazed was that they gave us wonderful energy and made us smile.

Very glad to be connected

Finally I’ve been connected internet!!! Re-recognized we can’t do any work without internet connection…

Recover please…

I have been working on one music especially computer sound part all day long today. One of the section which I like has been in trouble then freeze then no sound…it reminds me same type of moment when I was in computer music lab in college. Same:))))

Noodles lover that’s me

I love noodles so do my family(my sister in law surprised when she found out how much my family love noodles)

Still don’t have an internet connection

After hurricane type of moving it seems things has been settle down but still don’t have an internet connection. I’m at Starbucks now. Finally I made cold Udon last night. Thank you…. :D

Rehearsal in Brooklyn

Had a rehearsal in Brooklyn yesterday, Kristine told me that she found a new hard case for her keyboard and it is actually rifle gun case. !!!!! Kristine, you are very funny.