Expanding imagination

I’ve been trying to work on a song since last week I’m still concerned how I could put them into one nicely. There is a story. I love to work on music with stories. I believe that it is an interesting one if it’s allowed to expand whatever I wish that must be longer time-wise and fun.

No borders no borders

as a Japanese traditional instrument player.

Possible possibility

When you stop and think it’s impossible, that will be impossible. It sounds very obvious but my feeling nowadays like this.

Childhood friend

My childhood friend visited NY on her business past weeks. It was great to catch up each other and had a great time together. Talk talk talk I believe those friendship are gold.

at that bar with her & piggy / at supermarket no no Magnets!

Trying to…

Trying to change main idea but staying with basic line, it’s a little tricky to change a theme once you had but I’ve convinced to do so. Will do!

Season letter

It’s windy tonight. Just opened the window and you know what I smelled season changing almost like winter is getting closer by Yumi from north of Japan.

The earth

 It’s too early to look back this year but please give me an excuse since I’d received some sad news including Japan quakes so many things were going on, now I feel like slow down and reviewing. Too many sad things occur in this world. Especially this year I feel like the earth finally mad at us. Don’t go too far? OK back to work!

One day in Soho.

Faced with..

Stopped by a park in Manhattan sometimes I feel like making music is thinking about myself or looking at myself from different dimension. hmm depending on what I make. Anyways it was a nice night.

10th year

Just wishing never again 9.11.