ICMC(International Computer Music Conference) 2011

21st Red Line – Live Performance in ICMC Concert on Aug 4th in UK
composed by Ai Kamachi
20-stringed-Koto Yumi Kurosawa
Musical technical programming NAGIE
Visual Programming Satoru Higa

Starting again

Start working on re-arrangement of Jugoya piece written by Yumi and 3 other new songs as well, also for Koto concerto piece which will be playing this coming Oct. What a sunny day!!


It’s getting weaker so it should be fine. I’m scared ghost town more than hurricane!??

Summer Vacation in Japan

It’s been almost 10 years since I moved to NY, this summer after England I spent “OBON” time with family (last time was 10 years ago..). Thank you for wonderful time in many ways in Japan.

Came back to England since past May

 Came to Manchester, UK for ICMC-International Computer Music Conference Concert. This was second time to England since I played Koto Concerto with Orchestra of the Swan in May, glad to came back so soon! This ICMC concert was amazing, each pieces performers were also wonderful. Thanks for Kamachi-san, Nagie-san and ICMC. The photo on the left is about to start rehearsal setting up all equipments, on the right one looks like Japanese snack but I’d never seen this product before:)
 ICMC(International Computer Music Conference)のコンサートのため、マンチェスターに来ました。イギリスは5月にOrchestra of the Swanと箏コンチェルトのため来て以来、こんなにすぐに来るとは!ICMCのコンサートも素晴らしく、他の曲の奏者の方々にも感銘を受けました。蒲池さん、ナギーさん、ICMC、お疲れさま、そしてありがとうございました。左の写真はリハーサル直前機材をセットしているところで、右の写真は見たことのなかった”日本のスナック”?です。


So yesterday I got into England for ICMC concert collaborate with Ai Kamachi and Nagie from Tokyo. We didn’t have specific plan today, checking around other’s works it’s fun.