Great Tomato

This was awesome, I’ve never seen such red tomato.
Now start packing again for England!

It’s been a while to write on blog

I had all successful concerts especially the one I played in Tokyo was a big challenge and I appreciate I did that, and in Morioka I was very glad I finally could play there after the earthquake and Tsunami. Before Japan, I went to Italy back to NY and to Japan right away it was first time to deal with 3 time zones mixed up jet-lag:) Anyways I’ve been having great times in each places, and now I am about to leaving for England again within a few days.

Tea with ginger

I knew it….I need some tea with ginger, honey. Hope I will recover ASAP.


Trying to recover physical condition, ummm feeling like I don’t have much strength to sing….doing massage, bath, eat right, sleep as much as I can etc. 風邪ひきませんよう〜に!

July 4th

Already heard a few fireworks around my neighbor, happy July 4th! and I’m leaving soon.

17 hours staying NY

Just came back from Italy and leaving for Japan within 13 hours now!

One of THE item on tour

in Bolzano, Italy