I’m thinking that I should running tomorrow I haven’t done almost half year or so…

宮沢賢治ーKenji Miyazawa

Kenji Miyazawa Poet and Author

On the train

Heading back to NY from Philly. NYへ戻り中。


 I supposed to stay in Philly for 3 days,,,I realized I forgot to bring “bridges” for the Koto when I got in the concert place. Rehearsing without me(well of course I was there, sitting listening with the music score) and with discussing for some particular parts we needed to make sure. Thank you for everybody’s patients and thanks Gene…just got back in NY an hour ago to get “bridges” and opened champagne my friend gave me! Leaving to Philly tomorrow morning again!

Concert review in NYTimes as of today

Thank you for Concert for Japan and Japan Society, raised over $80,000 on the event last Sat.

One spot

Visiting back, nice spot..