Cleaning cleaning

wow I got so much stuff here…yes it’s been 8 years.
Going to DC today.

La La La~

Set A = Half Ramen + Half Donburi

Last one in Panama

We had a successful concert in Panama. Thank you very much for all people around me, Costa Rica, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago and Panama. Hope to see you again near future. Love & Peace. xoxo


Finished concert in Trinidad last night. Warm, calm and smiling. Thank you!

Trinidad & Tobago

We arrived in Trinidad. Had a rehearsal with Steelpan player Mr. Earl Brook. Sounds good! We’ll be performing together 2 songs in our concert tomorrow. Sleepy,,,, I guess I should upload photos tomorrow..have a good night!

Costa Rica, Honduras

Successful concerts in Costa Rica & Honduras! Ended up standing ovation on both of concerts. Thankful mode.:))

Liberia, Costa Rica

Day 1st, we supposed to be in San Jose, Costa Rica at 11pm because the weather we couldn’t reach out. Stayed over in Liberia, finally we got in San Jose yesterday morning, then had a performing in the TV show and workshop at the National University. I’m sure it would be one good memory…
初日、霧が激しくSan Joseに着陸できず、Liberiaという飛行機で小1時間の所に泊まることに。次の日のテレビ出演と、大学でのワークショップ間に合わないかも、と思っていましたが無事どちらもこなすことができました。よかった。これも一つの良い思い出になるでしょうね。

Leaving to Central America tour

I’m about to leave to the airport. See you later the first place San Jose, Costa Rica!
ps. my mom said don’t forget eye contacts. ? yes important:)really.


Stopping by…

 Had a chance to talk to T in person was nice. Thank you. ( & Thanks for my printer/scanner broken then I could see her) We will have a good tours.
Played at Bargemusic tonight I like the place. Calm and nice mood with Manhattan view.