Good feeling

Great and interesting friends are around me, they inspire me I’m happy with and appreciate them!


I’m in the middle of process of 1 piece. If there are 5 steps to get this done I guess now I’m on the 3rd which might be the toughest moment….:))))) Can’t wait to hang out with some friends later!! Want to go out!! Ice cream!! P:)


Spent little time at the cafe in my neighborhood by myself, just came back. I like to sit at a cafe for a little sometimes. Popping up many things in my head or just think nothing, hmm better not to think too much. haha. ♪♪
 日常生活で、たまにする好きなことの一つは、一人でカフェに座って少しゆったり時間を過ごすこと。 何かを頭で整理したり、はたまた何も考えない時間。結構昔から好きなんですよね。最近、近所もとても様変わりしてしまって、カフェも増えてきているな〜 ♫


Performed at Steinway Hall last Thursday night. Great event and night. Last time I performed there was wow! exact 1 year ago in Piano concert.


 I’ve been in NY for 8 years already wow! Time goes first. Reminded me this when I rehearsed with singer Junko-san the other day, when I saw Pianist Marianna on the street by accident, when I skyped to my mom to ask sending me my birth certificate to renew my passport, when I was cooking Miso base dish with vegetables which doesn’t exist in Japan – maybe sounds funny but when I moved here I couldn’t use those vegetables for Miso, soy sauce base ’that much’….took me little time and now? I do almost everytime, love it. Creation. Tastes good & fun. By the way I was sick last week, you know what’s good for you? Ginger~ I like homemade black tea with ginger + honey. Try some!

Feeling like…

Try to move forward, sometimes stop and think, figure out how to being myself in complexed world. Hope to be simple. That’s fine right?


Play for kids

Went to a performance for kids and family that my friend “E” directed, enjoyed a lot and proud of her work. I’m sure she will continue but uh don’t stop because you are talented:)

Stony Brook

It was so nice clear day today! Just came back from a gig in Stony Brook Univ in Long Island, it’s good to get out of the city sometimes. Thank you! One thing I regret is that I forgot to bring my cameraaaaaaa. Now I am going to cook Yumi fusion recipe #?? “Chicken noodle soup”.

快晴!!今日はロングアイランドにあるStony Brook Univにパフォーマンスのため、行ってきました。ときどきNY市内から脱出するのは、とても良い気分転換になります。いや〜とても気分爽快でした。カメラを忘れたのが残念。。