Silent realization

One of my friend said Life is not fair I don’t know what exactly happening on this friend but I can tell he has been suffering but still trying to move forward. Sometimes I caught up one strong negative feeling. I’m doing wrong? I made mistakes? Am I heading right way? …. etc and needs little effort to get out of this feeling to move forward. Long but fast of our life path we are not alone. We laugh and cry. What is the most wonderful realization today is that I have such a talented wonderful warm-heart artist friends colleagues. I’ve known some of them for long time. I appreciate that  I’ve met them, working together playing together and I could see their grow/success. Thanks really. We all become little weaker sometimes but we should be fine.



Another new project begins

After Chicago staying I moved to Houston for a workshop of a new project which will be premiered in June 2015. Creating with all team, work in progress. It’s going to be great one too.

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Theater FALLEN

After over 1 year composition working, we finally premiered FALLEN (Mozawa Production) in Chicago. Feeling great.

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1年以上作曲作業をしていた、舞台「FALLEN」 の初演がシカゴで終了しました。とても良い気分!

Skype Meeting…

It might be the final Skype meeting with an Artistic director Matthew Ozawa and co-composer/electronic Mike Vernusky. It’s been almost a year since we started working on the music for FALLEN which will be premiered the end of next month in Chicago.



Memorable Summer 2014

Performs, compositions and lots of gatherings. I had a memorable summer this year. Also I will thank myself and all wonderful moments.



Heaps Digital Magazine

Thanks for Heaps-digital magazine for an article of my story.

Koto Concerto Genji with Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

It was such a fantastic time in Hawaii with Hawaii Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Naoto Otomo. It’s been 3 years since I premiered wonderful piece Genji written by Daron Hagen in UK with Orchestra of the Swan. I learned something new about this piece again. Can’t wait to play it again.

Bella Gaia in Santa Barbara, CA

It was so nice to being in Santa Barbara, CA. I haven’t been West Coast a while. Random photos.

Kurosawa Family Concert

This was the first time to do family concert. I live in NYC so it was great time to do this with family. I was thinking that some things/hopes during the concert. And thank you for all supports, it was again earthquake & tsunami disaster fund raising concert.


Sacred Concert at ISE Shrine

Sacred concert at Ise Shrine successfully finished. It was such an amazing time and I was very happy to spend all time with audience. Thank you for all who joined us and supported this event.